Years of Experience

A seed is a small hard substance which makes a huge forest – the greatest natural resource of a nation. Humans are like a seed which has the potential to become a tree that gives shelter to so many creatures including human beings. Human beings truly come into their own when they are placed in a good environment. As a seed needs good sunshine to sprout out of the soil, so are the mankind, they need faith to convert their dreams into reality.”


Dr. Smilee Dhinakaran is a motivational speaker; she was born and bred in Tamil Nadu. She likes speaking and telling stories to others, since she was a child. Her interest in speaking about things which she knew well brought her recognition from friends and acquaintances. Later, she identified her passion for teaching; and she believed could teach the young minds and position them for success in their future. She completed her Doctorate in Commerce and started her career as a professor; she realized that the students need to know beyond the curriculum and should stand unique in all their ways. She felt happy when she taught students about living effectively, then she learnt that her purpose in life is to make people realize their full potential for taking themselves forward in finding the ultimate purpose of life. Her trainings, seminars and workshops conducted by the seed are based on the theme “A Seed can bring forth a Forest.”


1.Motivational Speeches
2.Seminar/Training Programmes/Workshops (Both Schools & Colleges)
3.Corporate Talks